Here you can order Glock / SIG templates for stippling, laser etching or deep engraving (into the metal of the slide).
Stippling is a gun modification that can be added to take a stock grip from the factory,
and convert it into something that is easier to handle.
There is no way to make the sizes 100% accurate all templates you buy online.
You need to scale, so resizing should be fairly simple using the white "outlines' for framing to the glock.
It is recommend to have access to a VECTOR editing software so you needed to edit and tweak the files to fit your own needs.
If you highlight everything and proportionately resize [EzCad just resize diagonally] everything will fit.
So you need to recive so it will fit.

You will receive 2 lightburn files.
It will give you some understanding how to make colors on SS and titanium.
For 60-80W mopas. Can be used with lower power also with some tweaks.

GLOCKS BUNDLE and 20 + patterns - You receive all glocks templates and patterns $310 USD

SIG BUNDLE - you recieve all SIG outlines. $300 USD

See at the bottom for examples.

Over 200+ patterns for Adobe illustrator swatches.

Check out video.

I am unable to offer refunds due to the digital nature of the products.


Example patterns

Scrolls bundle